Dangerously Delicious- Destroying small town boring through workshops & events. Supporting women in business discover who they are and where they want to be.

About Flic


Thanks for stopping by and your intrigue in Yellow Cake Creative. I'm going to be honest. When it comes to business advice, mentoring and coaching it's hard to invest your hard earned dollars into yourself when you are not receiving a physical product you can hold in your hands. But this is why I feel that I am the right fit for you and starting your business.

With almost 10 years of business management, people and culture, recruitment and customer relations experience, I am a creative mum of 4 with a passion to support women realise their goals and accomplish their dreams.

In 2008 I completed my Diploma in Business Management and have been working in the Mining Industry for the past 10 years.  Although I do enjoy my 9-5 job my heart and soul had been searching for something more.

In November 2019 I decided it was time for me to follow my passion! I enrolled in my Bachelors Degree in Psychology which I am currently studying and I was presented with the opportunity to take on Yellow Cake Creative to continue bringing Events and Workshops to our little desert town of Roxby Downs.

The source of connecting like minded women in town and give them the opportunity to push boundaries and try something new. Creating an environment where women support women in life and through business.

My passion lies with not only encouraging others to start up their own business ventures and i hope to pass on my knowledge of business planning, people and culture, business management through 1:1 coaching and workshops.  

I want to help turn Roxby Downs into this thriving, innovative, supporting community of business owners, mothers and women alike.


If you are a start up or even a successful running business looking for a freshen up, please get in touch to see how we can help you. Or if you're a women looking to connect with like minded women, Welcome aboard.


Flic x