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Alter Eco

Women in the Yellow Cake Creative community have come to know and love the gift bag that they receive at networking events. However what is the point of it all? Is it just a value add? An incentive? No. There is far more to it than just that.

The reason behind the gift bag is simple. In Roxby Downs we have little to no shops. We have a Woolworths, a Post Office and a Pharmacy and half a dozen product based, home businesses. So when it comes to those anniversaries, birthdays and special events and occasions we are quite limited to where we can pop out and shop to find that "thing" that we need.

Thank goodness for online shopping though right? Here to save the day. But I find time and time again that people have their faves or "go-to's" and they're usually big businesses. Cotton On, Lorna Jane, Kmart, Target... (shudders.) So the reason for the gift bags is to expose more people to the various small businesses out there. I mean you have to do your shopping online anyway so why not support a small business instead of the big guys.

We (small business owners) literally do a happy dance every time we make a sale. We are personally grateful that you have discovered us and decided to spend your hard earned cash with us. As the saying goes. It helps put our children through school, pay for swimming lessons, and pay for that weekend milkshake treat. We really do celebrate the wins and appreciate all our customers. We usually offer that little bit of extra sumfin sumfin too. A wrapped order, a hand written note, a packet of lollies or vouchers to go towards the next purchase because we just bloody love our customers and are thrilled for all the support.

So by providing the gift bags I am exposing you to brands, products and services that you might not have know existed otherwise. 

I also provide the gift bags to make my own connections with businesses. To find out their stories and to follow their journey (because you know me and that's what I love the most.). Today I would like to share with you Alter Eco's story. This biz generously donated 3 boxes of Coconut Clusters in mouth watering flavours of cherry + almond butter, seeds + salt and dark chocolate to my "Hi, I'm new here" guests.

"Alter Eco® is a chocolate-centric, sustainability-directed food company that takes healthy indulgence to an entirely new level. Made for conscious foodies seeking special food experiences, Alter Eco is creating a new category of enlightened indulgences made with next-level ingredients, and offers a full portfolio of Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters, melty chocolate bars and blissfully delicious truffles. Engrained in full-circle sustainability, Alter Eco is obsessed with spreading social justice and environmental regeneration, while setting a high bar for delivering mind-blowingly tasty foods."

Talk about actually putting your money where your mouth is. Alter Eco have been certified organic from day one. Making it their mission to ensure that no harm is done to the soil and ecosystems. They strongly believe in using only whole and minimally processed ingredients. All while still having a strong emphasis on delicious, tasty treats. Also at the forefront of their vision is to maintain strong relationships with partners. 100% of the ingredients sourced are from small scale farmers. There's even a photo of one farmer, Foreman Karunaratne on the back of their packets.

Thank you Alter Eco for your very generous donation, for sharing your story with me and for allowing me to share your story.

You can find more information about Alter Eco at https://altereco.com.au/ and for Roxby folk your nearest location to purchase Alter Eco treats is at Healthy Habits of Port Augusta a short 300km down the road.