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About Ayesha


Thanks for stopping by and your intrigue in Yellow Cake Creative. I'm going to be frank. When it comes to business advice, mentoring and coaching it's hard to invest your hard earned dollars into yourself when you are not receiving a physical product you can hold in your hands. But this is why I feel that I am the right fit for you and starting your business.

With over 14 years of sales, marketing and customer relations experience I was always torn between my practical nature and my creative streak. I would often toss between the two and where I saw myself career wise. Until I discovered that you can most certainly combine the two and more importantly start your own business doing exactly what you love every day.

Between 2003-2007 I brushed up my business knowledge in Electronic Commerce, Retail Operations training and completed a Bachelors Degree in English & Creative Arts. In 2007 I landed my first full-time position with an Australian wine wholesaler as a State Sales and Marketing Manager. I got to work with hundreds of Australian and International brands including Louis Roederer, Shaw + Smith, Riedel Glassware, Lavazza Coffee and more. I was accountable for all business and sales reporting, desktop design, website maintenance and hosting of all functions and events. 

When the time came I went on into an Area Managing role in Sales. This involved achieving budgets and maintaining, building and growing client relationships. I still maintain many of these friendships long after I have left the wine industry.

After having my first child in 2013 I moved direction and started my own childrens fashion label. I ran this successfully for three years gaining 100% of my business through Instagram and growing my account to 15000 followers.

My passion now lies with encouraging others to start up their own business ventures as I did and I hope to pass on my knowledge of business planning and Instagram strategy through 1:1 coaching and workshops.

Yellow Cake Creative launched in October 2017 and has seen over a hundred women (and a couple of men) launch their businesses. Its been the source of connecting like minded business women in town and given them the opportunity to push boundaries and try something new. Creating an environment where women support women in life and in through business.

In October 2018 shortly after celebrating 1 year in business I was awarded with the SA Woman in Business award in the Spirit category. This award cemented in me how badly I want to turn Roxby Downs into this thriving, innovative, supportive community of business owners, mothers and women alike.

If you are a start up or even a successful running business looking for a freshen up, please get in touch to see how we can help you. Or if you're just here for the ride, welcome aboard.

Ayesh x